SELF 2020: Bootstrapping

– We’ve reorganized the website
– The mailing list has been brought in house
– We’re in the process of moving the entire back catalog to (about 80% complete). Note that some content will only be available on, particularly from the previous few years. This is because some of our sponsor ads had licensed audio content they paid for to use in their ad. Despite disputing the automated take downs, YouTube sided with the copyright take down request. As a result we’ll make sure going forward all content is dual released onto and torrent if necessary.
– Our theme for 2020 is a take off on 007: Chmod 777: License To Be Killed
– Our sponsor prospectus is available and propaganda be made available shortly.
– Our call for speakers remains open until 11:59 PM ET March 14th. Get your talk submissions in now!

Special Events as part of 2020:
– Ham Radio special event station W4L
— Operating on 80m, possibly 20/40m as well
– Software Defined Radio Workshop
— Bring your own rtlsdr (~$25), we’ll show you what you can do with it and what you can do on bigger hardware like the HackRF and iCom 7300. No license needed! For the non-radio and non-infosec types, come see what all the buzz is about with SDRs.
– Fiber Track
– Geeks With Guns (Meetup at local indoor shooting range)
– LAN Party
– World Famous Craft Beer Share
– FREE Ham Radio License Exams
– GPG Key Signing

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