YottaDB is a proven Multi-Language NoSQL database engine that is built on a code base with decades of maturity and continuous investment. The code base is currently in production at some of the largest real-time core banking applications and electronic health record deployments. YottaDB provides ACID transactions and functionality to implement mission-critical applications that require “five nines” availability.

At the core of YottaDB is a daemon-less hierarchical key-value database engine that executes within the address space of the application process, which makes in-memory calls to a YottaDB API. Processes cooperate with one another to manage the database, and the achievable throughput is limited by the underlying computing platform, rather than the potential single-point bottleneck of a daemon. Combining the database engine and application logic in a single process yields robustness, security, simplicity and performance.

YottaDB is language agnostic, with APIs from M, C, Go, and Rust (Rust in development) with Python expected to follow. As 100% free open source software (https://gitlab.com/YottaDB), YottaDB has community-developed APIs from node.js and Perl. SQL access to the underling hierarchical key-value data is expected to be released in mid 2019.

YottaDB was founded by a core team with a collective experience of well over sixty years in the database industry (and over twenty working together) that believes embracing open source and open standards is the best way to develop software.

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