LearnPuppet is your source for Puppet training and consulting. We bring a wealth of experience working with many different clients around the
globe and and helping them achieve their goals. Besides Puppet, we use agile, DevOps methodologies in our work and help instill this way of
working with your team. We understand that configuration management is not the end goal and want to understand your business and help you succeed.

LearnPuppet offers two courses, Introduction to Puppet and Advanced Puppet topics, led by Garrett Honeycutt who has taught Puppet to
thousands and helped create the Puppet Professional Certification.

Introduction to Puppet is a three day course that is suitable for anyone with previous *nix systems administration experience. We cover how
Puppet works, both conceptually and technically, and dive right in to writing code. You will leave this class confident in your ability to
begin automating systems with Puppet.

Advanced Puppet Topics is a two day course where we focus on TDD (Test Driven Design), deployment strategies, and development life cycle
workflows. Attendees should have prior Puppet experience and be comfortable with writing a module from scratch. You will leave this
class with the ability to test your Puppet modules which will give you the confidence to refactor your code and deploy faster.

* Custom facts and functions
* Separating data and code with Hiera
* Dynamic node classification
* Using rspec-puppet
* Deployment strategies
* Software Development Life Cycle
* Working with GitHub.com
* Automated testing with Travis-ci.org

We also offer consulting and audits of your existing Puppet environment.

An audit is a great way to get feedback on your Puppet code, architecture, and processes. This ensures that you are not implementing
patterns that will cause problems later when they are more costly to refactor and that the processes and architecture are in line with your
goals. The audit is conducted remotely and includes time to go over the findings with your team. The end result is a document containing the
findings of the audit, a list of work to be done that is prioritized by return on investment for time spent, and a meeting for your team to
discuss the findings and ask questions.


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