T -1 Week Until SELF 2017

It’s almost here! Some final things to keep in mind as the event nears:

– Here’s our final schedule … only minor talk changes happened since last time.

– Make sure you’re registered to attend — registering in advance will greatly speed up check-in for you!

Geeks With Guns is almost sold out. We will not be able to add more space. So when it is gone, it’s gone.

– For the first time in quite a long time, it appears the Saturday Party will not be sponsored. (Don’t panic … the Friday Party is sponsored by Linode!) This means some changes for regular (free) attendees. While there will still be a party, including the craft beer bottle share, unless it is sponsored it will not be open to the public. It will only be open to volunteers, supporting attendees, staff, speakers, sponsors, and those who brought some to share. We can still take a sponsor for this if somebody wants to step up. But if that doesn’t happen you might want to review the Party Bottle Share Doc and bring some from your neck of the woods if you want to guarantee party access on Saturday if you’re not in any of the former groups.

Carpools/Room Shares … We already have one room share request, and we expect several room share/carpool requests to come in over the next few days as we publicize registration and the schedule.

Job Board … We encourage you to submit jobs to our job board if you’re looking for FOSS experts to hire!

– If you want to volunteer, please fill out this form ASAP and we’ll be in touch!

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