SELF 2017 Registration, Schedule, Hotel Rooms, Parties, Carpools, and Room Shares

We are pleased to announce registration is NOW OPEN for the 2017 SouthEast LinuxFest. Accordingly, we have also released our DRAFT SCHEDULE for the event. Note that some special registration types require a password to even be able to view the registration options. So if you are in one of those special groups and don’t have the magic password in your email inbox by 5/17, please email

We have been a bit quiet with things because of a pretty aggressive push on our hotel room block this year. This is the first year where we had our hotel room block available the very next day after the previous year’s SELF ended. As a result, our room block was mostly exhausted by January. So we’ve been quietly pushing speakers/sponsors into our block while we still could. If you haven’t gotten a room in our block yet, you need to do so *immediately* as we have already hugely blown through our block, nearly doubling its original size. So you’re already depending upon general availability at the Sheraton to get a room right now. I expect hotel rooms to be unavailable at the Sheraton within a few hours of this post going live on social media. If you cannot book at the Sheraton any more, please email … we can work to provide an alternate room block at a nearby hotel and arrange for shuttle transportation to/from your alternate hotel.

In addition, we encourage you to check out the following items of interest:
Party Bottle Share Doc … If you want to bring some craft wine/liquor/beer from your neck of the woods to share with everybody, you can get into the parties an hour earlier! SELF will consider paying you for the goods if you’re bringing stuff we cannot easily obtain. Email us at to discuss if you’re interested and have access to less well known stuff outside the Asheville/Greenville/Spartanburg area.

Carpools/Room Shares … We already have one room share request, and we expect several room share/carpool requests to come in over the next few days as we publicize registration and the schedule.

Job Board … We encourage you to submit jobs to our job board if you’re looking for FOSS experts to hire!

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