SELF 2020 Cancelled — Mostly

After completing initial selection of speakers for #self2020, a quick survey of the speakers for the event showed in a best case scenario over 1/3 of all speakers not making it, and in a remote-only worst case scenario where large events are still forbidden well over half of all speakers not making it. In addition we expect the various levels of .edu throwing in the towel until Fall to take a toll on staff, speakers, and attendees. So while what reality holds in store for us in June is still largely unknown, the existing headwinds that are growing have made it such that it makes more sense to cancel #self2020 and regroup and come back for 2021 regardless of what happens come June. And that is what we’re doing. We’d like to extend a special thanks to the Sheraton Charlotte Airport for being willing to work with us to reschedule our event for 2021. It will likely take another 2 or 3 weeks to finalize and sign the contract for SELF 2021 at the hotel due to normal negotiations and high workload among the event staff at the hotel with rescheduling events. If you have not cancelled any hotel room bookings you have done for SELF by the time our new contract is executed, you’ll likely be issued an automatic cancellation and refund upon execution of our 2021 contract which will void our 2020 room block. If you have any problems with cancelling a hotel room, please contact and we’ll work with our hotel contacts to get you squared away. After the contract for 2021 has been finalized and signed we’ll update everybody with info for #self2021.

While there will be no typical #self2020, there is still interest and discussions in the background about holding a low key virtual event including some streaming content, interviews, conversations, and perhaps some bug fixing contests in FOSS projects. If you’re interested and/or have some provocative ideas to add, feel free to email them to

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