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Jupiter Broadcasting is a podcasting network formed in May 2008, based on the success of the podcast “The Linux Action Show” . The network has since expanded to include nine shows, and while the show span a range of topics, the primary focus is FOSS, Systems Administration, and Software development. Jupiter Broadcasting’s flagship show continues to be “The Linux Action Show“, and is backed by a community discussion show about Linux (Linux Unplugged), a show focusing on BSD (BSDNow), a show on Software Development (Coder Radio), and a Systems Admin and Networking Podcast (TechSnap).

The Linux Action Show is the one of the longest running and largest podcast dedicated to Linux. Being strong believers in the Open Source Culture, Jupiter Broadcasting strives to value the input of the FOSS community, and has grown to meet those ideals. The creation of the second Linux based show, ‘Linux Unplugged’, came out of the desire to give a platform for common people in the Linux Community. This is also what has led to the creation of the upcoming ‘How-to Linux’ show currently in development.  In 2013, Jupiter Broadcasting was voted the 4th largest Linux Advocate/Evangelist by the readers of Linux Journal.

Looking towards the future, Jupiter Broadcasting hopes to continue promoting and supporting the FOSS community and to give a voice to its projects and people.


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