June 12-14, 2020
Sheraton Charlotte Airport
Charlotte, NC

Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel

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SELF 2020: Bootstrapping

– We’ve reorganized the website
– The mailing list has been brought in house
– We’re in the process of moving the entire back catalog to Archive.org (about 80% complete). Note that some content will only be available on Archive.org, particularly from the previous few years. This is because some of our sponsor ads had licensed audio content they paid for to use in their ad. Despite disputing the automated take downs, YouTube sided with the copyright take down request. As a result we’ll make sure going forward all content is dual released onto Archive.org and torrent if necessary.
– Our theme for 2020 is a take off on 007: Chmod 777: License To Be Killed
– Our sponsor prospectus is available and propaganda be made available shortly.
– Our call for speakers remains open until 11:59 PM ET March 14th. Get your talk submissions in now!

Special Events as part of 2020:
– Ham Radio special event station W4L
— Operating on 80m, possibly 20/40m as well
– Software Defined Radio Workshop
— Bring your own rtlsdr (~$25), we’ll show you what you can do with it and what you can do on bigger hardware like the HackRF and iCom 7300. No license needed! For the non-radio and non-infosec types, come see what all the buzz is about with SDRs.
– Fiber Track
– Geeks With Guns (Meetup at local indoor shooting range)
– LAN Party
– World Famous Craft Beer Share

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Ask Noah Live Coverage

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SELF 2019 Is Almost Here!

In this final update before #self2019:
– In addition to our normal schedule we are releasing our detailed Fiber Track schedule, which includes kit details and kit pricing.  The ladies behind the Fiber Track have also created a Facebook group for those wanting to interact more with them.  Consider joining!
– A big thanks to RiffTrax for allowing us to screen Plan 9 From Outer Space (not Plan 9 from Bell Labs) as part of our Saturday night festivities at 8:00 PM at SELF.
– A reminder to those who can’t make it in meat space … consider attending SELF as a remote attendee.  You get near-live video from the talks at the conference, live coverage from the Ask Noah Show, and all for the excessively reasonable cost of $5.   (Why $5?  Because running A/V is expensive, and we think you should really attend because the “Hallway Track” is one of the most valuable parts of the conference.)
– Thanks to Linode, our Saturday party is sponsored.   If you want to get into the Friday Party though, since it is not sponsored at this time, you need to be a Ring2 or lower attendee (basically any non-free attendee type) OR bring some to share (click here to view our “inventory” collaborative doc).  Note that this document is updated rapidly over the final few days before SELF as people get growlers/etc from their local microbreweries.  
– We have hidden an easter egg in our program guide.   If you’re at SELF, look closely.  You may be able to find loot!
– Interested in volunteering?   Shoot an email to info@southeastlinuxfest.org and we’ll have our volunteer coordinator reach out immediately.
– For any stragglers still looking for a hotel room … we recommend the Holiday Inn near the Sheraton Charlotte Airport.  While we were unable to secure a block with a rate, the Holiday Inn shares a shuttle with the Sheraton and so you’ll be able to shuttle over to/from the Sheraton for free during SELF.
– We have LAN Party info for our official game servers (only accessible from SELF’s on site network):
Team Fortress 2:  tf2server.self.lan:27015
CS:GO:  csgoserver.self.lan:27015
UT2004:  ut2k4server.self.lan:7777
Minecraft: mcserver.self.lan:25565
Factorio:  factorioserver.self.lan:34197
Call of Duty 4:  cod4.self.lan:28960
– PogoLinux has released the specs of their raffle prize at SELF:  a 20TB NAS!

– We will be running a ham radio special events station (W4L) at the conference including two full HF rigs.   We’ll be operating over multiple bands and modes (though primarily around 20m-40m).   Check our Twitter feed during the conference for the latest on where we are on the bands.   We’ll also be mailing QSL cards upon request after successful QSO.  If you’re lucky, you could get multiple QSL cards including the operator who was working the station!  Here’s what our QSL cards look like:

See everybody this weekend!

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Registration Open, Schedule Released, Matrix Themed T-Shirt Art, New Public Telegram Group

We are pleased to announce registration is NOW OPEN for the SouthEast LinuxFest.   We have also released a schedule for all the talks and events at the conference.   In addition, our grassroots unofficial Telegram group is now official and can be reached through the super short URL https://t.me/southeastlinuxfest.  The Telegram group doesn’t replace our IRC Freenode channel, it’s just an alternative with a lot more animated gifs in it.   We encourage you to secure your hotel room immediately, as the rate will expire soon and we’ve already had to back fill our block with rooms twice.  We’ll be watching closely and working to re-add rooms whenever they run out as quickly as possible, so please contact us if you are unable to book.   Also, below is our concept art for our Matrix themed t-shirt.  This is the final design we’re sending to print:

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SELF 2019 Call For Speakers: First Keynote Announced, Deadline Extended Until Wednesday.

We’ve been really blown away by how many talk submissions we got in the final 48 hours of early decision (more than 2/3 of last year’s submission total). We’ve only just now completed going through those submissions. As a result, SELF is announcing the call for speakers (which closes at midnight ET tonight!) will be extended until 11:59 PM ET Wednesday. Submit your talk here. After reviewing the results of our brief survey on talk content, we’d like to particularly encourage you to submit on the following topics, since our attendees average rating on these subjects was over 4.0 on a 0-6 weighted scale where not knowing about it is 0 and thus a big penalty:

  • Information Security (Pentesting, Defensive Strategies, Exploit Response, etc) (4.96)
  • Homelab (Homebrew Firewall/NAS/Servers/etc) (4.95)
  • Systems Administration and Orchestration (4.88)
  • Network Administration/Networking (4.76)
  • Open Source A/V (Kdenlive, Blender, Audacity, etc) (4.69)
  • Python (4.61)
  • Smart Home and IoT (4.39)
  • Smarter You (Body Hacks, Organization, Ergonomics, etc) (4.24)
  • DevOps (4.20)
  • Golang (4.11)
  • Database Administration (4.09)
  • Community (Building, Org, Outreach, etc) (4.02)

But if you have something cool not listed, don’t be discouraged! We welcome all kinds of content, and have had popular talks on WWI Battleships, Ergonomics, Knitting, and more. If it’s geeky, we’re listening.

With all that out of the way, SELF is proud to announce our first keynote out of early decision:

Eric S. Raymond – Long-Term Trends in Open Source

It’s been 22 years since “The Cathedral and the Bazaar”. Where we’ve been might tell us something about where we’re going. Today’s challenges include the ephemeralization of computers, the decline of C, open hardware, and increasingly dangerous information monopolies. What’s a hacker to do?

Stay tuned to SELF through email or social media or our website as we release our first draft schedule in the coming week and open registration soon thereafter!

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Announcing SELF 2019, SELF 2020, and changes

We are pleased to announce the full details for both SELF 2019 and SELF 2020.

SELF 2019 (FB event link) will be held June 14-16, 2019 at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel in Charlotte, NC. We would like to thank our initial launch sponsors who agreed with us all the way back just after SELF 2018 to sponsor: Oracle/MySQL, Percona, Fedora, Linode, PogoLinux, Altispeed, and The Ask Noah Show. Our call for speakers is open immediately. We will announce an initial wave of accepted talks on March 31st, with RFP closing and final schedule announced on April 15th. To have your talk considered please have it in no later than April 14th 11:59 PM ET. To have it considered for early decision, please have it in no later than March 30th 11:59 PM ET. Our sponsor prospectus for 2019 is up as well if you wish to sponsor. Our room block is open, and as usual hurry, the rooms go very fast. We’re pleased to tentatively announce the following special events as part of SELF 2019: LPI Exams, Ham Radio Testing, Ham Radio Exam Cram, GPG Key Signing, Fiber Track, Zero To DBA, Geeks With Guns, the /dev/random track, and of course the Craft Beer Bottle Share / LAN gaming / whatever our legendary evening parties are morphing into these days. Our propaganda is up and the job board and carpool/room share pages are cleaned up and awaiting submissions. In previous years we have been only in one wing of the Sheraton hotel. Going forward starting this year we now have the entire hotel. This means content expansion and a more serious LAN Party and all sorts of other things are being discussed. So make sure you show up to SELF 2019 and make your voice heard if you fancy (more of this or that) in SELF 2020. And similarly vote in our super short 2 question survey about our theme for 2020 and talk content going forward. 🙂

SELF 2020 (FB event link) will be held June 12-14, 2020 at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel in Charlotte, NC. Note that while we have already opened our call for speakers, from here forward RFP is being pushed back. RFP will close January 31st, 2020. We have released a draft sponsor prospectus as well. We have a room block open, however the Sheraton will not accept bookings further than a year out. So while this link is good and valid you cannot use it just yet. We’ll send out a reminder email or two about the hotel when the link is working, as the only other time we’ve made a hotel block available this early it booked out shockingly fast (was over 80% gone before the new year).

The website has been updated (look, we switched to WordPress blocks and nothing is on fire …. yet), reorganized, and expanded to match with some changes announced at the 2018 keynote. Of particular note are the following pages:

In addition, changes are coming to how we publish videos and audio. We will no longer be using YouTube as the be all end all for releases, due to YouTube’s oppressive automated copyright enforcement. We had pretty much an entire year worth of videos flagged by YouTube due to the music used in our sponsor ads. We appealed this decision since our sponsors, to the best of our knowledge, appropriately licensed the music in question. YouTube refused to reinstate a single video, and this appeals process takes a month for each video. While our new method of placing sponsors in videos (static image) doesn’t run afoul of YouTube’s copyright robot, it also doesn’t inspire confidence in the platform as a place for long term meaningful and open dialog. As such, we are working to backport the entire updated A/V portfolio (a sobering number of terabytes) to Archive.org as well as Vimeo as alternatives to YouTube, particularly in some European countries like Germany where we’ve had our videos removed wholesale. We’ll still be using YouTube as the means to stream for our remote attendees for now, but we’re looking into having multiple services should YouTube become a pain to deal with in this area as well.

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SELF 10: Liftoff

Live coverage: https://www.southeastlinuxfest.org/live/

Remote attendee ($5) gets you access to live (5-60m delay depending on YouTube processing time) streams of the talks.


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SELF 2018: T-1 Week

In this final update, we cover some important last minute items:

– We have published our final schedule.

– There will be two major open source projects doing bug bounties at the event (you fix bugs, you get paid money).  Information on the bug bounties is in our program guide.  Want to get a jump start on the competition? Then …

– We encourage you to register to attend beforehand so you can can pickup your program guide and stuff as early as Thursday night.

– Please take a moment to fill out our 10th anniversary survey if you haven’t already.  We’ll be using the feedback in a keynote.

– If you intend on purchasing kits for the fiber track (knitting etc), please let us know your purchase preferences so we can make sure we have enough, but not too much.

– Can’t make it to SELF?   No problem!   This year we have a new remote attendee, where you can see all the talks live or on minimal delay.

– Interested in volunteering?   Send us an email!

– Both the Friday and Saturday parties are sponsored by Linode.  So everybody gets in, but supporting attendees and those who bring some to share get in an hour early and get a top shelf tasting.
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SELF 10: Full Steam Ahead

Registration is NOW OPEN. Please take care to read the admittedly long text on that page as it explains some of the changes as well as some of the events that will be going on. If you are a speaker, sponsor, volunteer, or staff you will receive an email with registration information later this week.

Accordingly, we’re thrilled to release our working schedule for the event this year. While there could still be some changes, they should be minor.

As usual, our parties will feature a selection of beer, wine, and liquor from throughout the southeast. We’ve started the Google Spreadsheet to coordinate on that, and look for many many updates to that doc over the coming weeks. We typically have over 100 different selections available when it’s all said and done.

Be sure to get your hotel room if you haven’t already … they’re almost gone and the block discount rate with free wifi expires FRIDAY 5PM!

We’ll be publishing our mobile schedule with full talk descriptions and speaker bios in the next week or so, as well as releasing a full road map for the Rally on The Tail of the Dragon and Blue Ridge Parkway and much more. Stay tuned!

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Preparing for the 10th SouthEast LinuxFest

We are pleased to announce preparations for the 2018 SouthEast LinuxFest (our 10th anniversary!) are complete! Buckle up:

Call for speakers is now open with a deadline to submit of 11:59 PM ET Friday April 20th.

– We have a special 10th Anniversary Survey, would you please consider taking it? Results will be presented in a keynote this year.

– The prospectus and call for sponsors is now open!

– Our 2018 Propaganda is now up.

Speaking Tracks Confirmed:
– Zero To DBA (Friday and Saturday all day)
– /dev/random (Saturday all day)
– (More TBD)

Special Events:
– One of the keynotes at SELF 2018 will be SELF’s original President, Dave Yates.

Ask Noah will be doing a special live broadcast at SELF.

– We are thrilled to announce a tentative TLLTS reunion show at SELF. Exactly who from TLLTS is top secret and TBD, but we tentatively expect most of the crew there, and are considering crowd funding to get everybody in one place again.

Ham Radio License Exams and an Exam Cram will happen again this year at SELF. They will again be free through Laurel VEC.

– Geeks With Guns will again return to SELF this year. We are currently working on getting some, ahem, “special” equipment to use at the range for our 10th anniversary. Given that Geeks With Guns has sold clear out every year, we’re going to make the leap and DOUBLE the attendance cap for Geeks With Guns this year. And the cost of admission will include some rounds in any “special” equipment we’re able to obtain.

– The Fiber Track will RETURN to SELF 2018! Being the awesome people that they are, they have already published a schedule.

– The GPG Key Signing will be returning again at SELF 2018.

– Based upon the overwhelming popularity last year, the LAN Party is returning and we are seeking your input in the 10th Anniversary Survey as to what game(s) we should play this time.

– We will again have a conference party on Friday and Saturday night. By default the party is open only to supporting attendees, staff, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers. If sponsored, the party becomes open to the public and aforementioned groups get in one hour early. The party will have, as usual, a selection of wine, distillates, and beer exclusively from craft makers throughout the southeast. This year will feature a top shelf tasting open only to the aforementioned groups on Friday night. The Friday night party has already been sponsored by Linode.

– There is at least one, and likely to be at least two, major open source projects doing bug bounties at SELF where you will get paid per fixed big. The projects doing this will likely not be announced until the event to give everybody a fair start.

– The Internet Civil Engineering Institute will hold their annual meeting as part of SELF.

Last but not least, the videos are being released onto YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to our channel or follow us on Twitter to be updated with each release as they’ll be coming every day for a little while.

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